About Ztn

Ztn is a technology brand officially established in October 2020 by Ethikal Group Canada Inc. we are on the market to deliver the latest innovative trends at a very smart cost. Our ambition is to bridge the gap between the more fortunate and the less well-off, by offering alternative and consensual products in terms of quality-price ratio to all generation across the continents.

The Ztn Pro smartphones belong to the range of the latest generation of smartphone and offer exceptional performance guarantees. Many of the advantages our models offer include their mud-water-dust resistance, the large storage capacity, the ease of use, their attractive design, the 4G and 5G networks compatibility, the dual sim socket, and the phenomenal quality of their camera.

Ethikal Group Canada Inc. is implementing a dual distribution model to reach our end users both directly- through our online sales- and indirectly while looking to expand our market presence leveraging the network of marketing intermediaries. Working with wholesalers and retailers while also running our online store to sell directly aims at allowing Ztn smartphones to reach a large audience with varied purchase options. It makes perfect sense to partner with wireless service providers because customers cannot use one without the other.

The company development plan foresees the opportunity tobuild an assembly factory in Africa by the end of year 2022 to develop the products designed for the African market requirements. This is an opportunity for investors to join a value creation project. Ztn is looking to become one of the fastest growing smartphone brands in the next few years.