Ethikal Group Canada Inc is implementing an indirect distribution through a network of Distributors. If you are interested in selling our products, well the process is quite straightforward if you already own a business. Ethikal Group Canada Inc will only allow licensed retailers to sell its products.

1- Register for a Dealer account with Ethikal Group Canada Inc and fill the online form here. (insert an online form and an account registration feature with the following required information).

Dealer Registration Form
Please provide your contact details and our sales team will get back to you about the ZtnPro1

    2- Ethikal Group Canada Inc will review your application. During this phase, Ethikal Group Canada Inc might decide to ask for a few things extra before approving the application. Once approved, the partner will be issued a dealer license and a Representation contract will be signed
    3- As a dealer you can now contact us to buy our smartphones at wholesale prices. Orders will be placed through the dealer account on our website, with a login and password. Dealers can opt to start with small orders to test the waters and see how fast your goods are moving.
    4- Ethikal Group Canada Inc will provide you with marketing materials to help you generate interest in our products, such as posters, fliers and even promotional videos. Keep them well maintained so that your consumers will be impressed when they test them and will want to buy the product. You can also give customers a little nudge of encouragement by offering various incentives, such as discounts and free-trial phone services for a month or more. This will help you get more customers.
    5- When the distributor is ready to place his order, he must log into his distributor account and complete an online order form

    Wholesale Online Order Form before you fill the form please Signup

      Client number:

      Billing Address:


      Shipping Address:


      Order date:

      Bill to:


      Postal code:


      Postal code :

      Shipping date:


      Total Price:

      Quantity(min 50):

      Wholesale Price:

      Payment Method: Credit card – PayPal -Western Union- MoneyGram – Bank transfer
      Conditions: Rebates and discounts to be determined as per Distribution agreement.
      Our product are sold FOB
      Your order will be shipped within 30 days.